A story of freshness

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Turmeric & Popply Seed


Who We Are? Two sister's who decided to create Artisanal soap company after receiving a couple Home-Made soap bars from a friend of the family.  We loved the soap so much that we couldn't live without it.  We started looking to purchase more and found out that it was kinda pricey.  We then started comparing ingredients of Store bought soap to Home-made soap and realized that there were many words I couldn't pronounce in the Store bought soap, but very few ingredients in the Home-made soap.  I thought Hmmmm, I wonder what that is?  So I started googling the names I couldn't pronounce and thought, um NO. So, that is when we started reading, watching You-Tube Videos and looking at Pinterest for Ideas.  We then assembled all the ingredients we needed to start making soap and we haven't stopped since.   We put so much thought and love into making each small batch of our Artisan Soap. We know you will enjoy our Bath and Body Bars as much as we do.


Twisted Sisters Soap Company